Ok, short one here…

Halloween costumes. Specifically, girl’s costumes.

Halloween is the one day a year where everyone gets a free pass to dress however they want. Want to cross dress? It’s ok. It’s even funny! Wanna wear a giant banana suit? Do it! Wanna dress like a slut? Awesome! It’s all fun and games…

Yet for some reason there are a lot of women that feel that other women having fun is wrong.


If you do not want to dress up in a sexually charged manner, or see such activities, do not go to those parties! Don’t make a big deal out of it and ruin everyone else’s fun because you want to be a puritan. The fact of the matter is, everyone disagrees with something, it just comes down to how they vent that disapproval. So next year, instead of trying to ruin Halloween for all of those who WANT to have fun, throw your own conservative, non sexy party.

(Note, regarding your daughters under 18, well, you’re the parent. DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. That’s YOUR job… more on THAT later.)