Ok, short one here…

Halloween costumes. Specifically, girl’s costumes.

Halloween is the one day a year where everyone gets a free pass to dress however they want. Want to cross dress? It’s ok. It’s even funny! Wanna wear a giant banana suit? Do it! Wanna dress like a slut? Awesome! It’s all fun and games…

Yet for some reason there are a lot of women that feel that other women having fun is wrong.


If you do not want to dress up in a sexually charged manner, or see such activities, do not go to those parties! Don’t make a big deal out of it and ruin everyone else’s fun because you want to be a puritan. The fact of the matter is, everyone disagrees with something, it just comes down to how they vent that disapproval. So next year, instead of trying to ruin Halloween for all of those who WANT to have fun, throw your own conservative, non sexy party.

(Note, regarding your daughters under 18, well, you’re the parent. DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. That’s YOUR job… more on THAT later.)

Occupy (wherever) Protests…

A big thing that a lot of people seem to be missing, including the Occupiers themselves, is that they are NOT the 99%. They’re not even the 95%.

They’re far more like the 80 or 75%. Why? Because those 19-24% of people are people who are NOT the 1%… but they still make very good livings. How? they started their OWN business.

While they may not own as many assets as the 1%, when the 24% realized their jobs were dead end, non existent, not paying well enough, etc, instead of whining and complaining and asking for everything to be GIVEN to them they started their OWN companies. Why is this important? Because it’s action. It’s them taking charge of their own life and making it what they want. Anyone can do it. It just takes work.

So while the “99%” are out their marching around for more stuff to be given to them, the realists are out their carving out their OWN future, with their OWN terms.

Make your future, don’t just let it “fall into place.” Everyone else seems to be with it. Why can’t the “99%?”

Kicked out of Walmart

How do you know you’ve hit rock bottom? You get kicked out of Walmart for wearing too little clothing.

Woman Kicked out of Walmart

What is the most shocking about this isn’t that she was removed from the store, its that she had the thought to actually GO to the store dressed like that.

Then again, there is this site, People of Walmart, solely dedicated to the wayward dresser in Walmart.

Whether or not you should be allowed to wear bikini tops in a store is irrelevant. Having the decency to dress according to your fitness is the bigger matter. If everyone just used a little common sense when they dressed, the world would be a more beautiful place.